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Why This Project Was Created

This past summer, I went to a pre-college program called The Center for Creative Youth or, CCY, at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. In one of the bathrooms on campus, there was a Rape Prevention Hotline number scribbled on the inside of one of the stalls. Underneath the phone number, it said "Be Aware, Take Care." That phrase struck me, and I created a poster that I put in my window that faced the outside that said those words.

I thought to myself, "So many terrible things happen because we don't pay attention."

And now we need to start paying attention. Yesterday, my brother called me from college to tell me that a friend of his took her own life on Monday. She didn't leave a note. He said that she never seemed so depressed as to do something that drastic. He wasn't very close with her, but we couldn't help but wonder if her truely close friends or family members had noticed. What if they had? What if they payed any attention? She could be alive right now.

Life is always worth living. Suicide is a permenate solution to a temporary problem.

Last April, I overdosed. It wasn't fatal, but it could have been. I tried to talk to my friends before I did it, but most of them told me I was going to be okay and changed the subject. My mother knew I was depressed, but she was hostile, and she always seemed angry that I was depressed. When I overdosed, I didn't think anyone would care. No one seemed to before, why would they now? I felt neglected. It was only after the entire bottle of painkillers was in my body that I realized "I care. I care about me," but most people won't think this.


We can change this if we are determined enough to. Always speak up. Your friend might be mad at you if you do, but now is not the time to think selfishly. This is not about how it is going to affect you, it is how it is going to affect them.

We need to spread the word. If we are going to be living in this world, we better make it the best it can be.

Love, Peace, Hope,
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